Photo Gallery 1 - Residential Homes Metal Roofing by CASS Sheetmetal

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C.A.S.S. Custom Architectural Sheetmetal Specialists offers all facets of custom sheetmetal roofing as well as other types of custom roofing products, including copper, metal roofing, slate tiles, shakes and shingles. It is the consistent quality output that has won CASS Sheetmetal job after job during the past 25 years. “The local construction industry has come to recognize that selecting CASS Sheetmetal brings with it a peace of mind that the project will be done right and on time without cutting corners in quality,” says president/owner Glenn Parvin. “We strive to bring a better value to the construction team and to the client.” View our Photo Gallery to see some of our most recent residential and commercial custom sheetmetal work!