Custom Sheet Metal Projects

by CASS Sheet Metal - Detroit, MI

Book Tower - Detroit, MI

Iconic Building Restoration of a Detroit Landmark


Glenn Parvin on top of Book Hotel Tower


Replaced Copper Spandrel Panels Book Hotel


CASS Workers on Book Tower Scaffolding

CASS Sheet Metal President Glenn Parvin enjoys a bird’s-eye view of Detroit from the top of the Book Tower. Parvin and the entire CASS Sheet Metal team brought the detailed eyes and skilled hands of their collective craftsmanship to the restoration of this remarkable building.
Read the full detailed article from the 2018 MAY Issue of CAM Magazine

Copper Roofing Installation & Restoration


Copper Roofing Repair – Mackinac Island Home


Soldered New Copper Roofing Panels

Mackinac Island Home

Spectacular view from the roof top of this summer home on Mackinac Island. CASS Sheet Metal expertly replaced and soldered beautiful shiney new copper roof panels on this Northern MI home replacing old deteriated leaky solder joint seams. All the copper materials, supplies and tools for this project had to be taken to the work site by horse and wagon.

From copper domes, cones and copper roofing, CASS Sheet Metal specializes in old world metal craftsmanship like this.

New Metal Roofing Installation


New Metal Roofing Installation – Northern MI Cottage

Northern MI Cottage

Residential rustic home has new metal roofing. CASS Sheet Metal expertly installed a multiple sectioned metal roof in this home to protect from all the outdoor seasonal weather changes. Extremely durable and water/snow tight, metal roof panels last for approx 50 years.

Residential Garage Metal Roofing Installation


Metal Roofing Installation on Residential Garage

Mini Barn Roof Design Garage

Residential home has mini barn design garage. CASS Sheet Metal installed a detailed metal roof on this garage. Extremely durable and weather tight, metal roofing panels can last for approx 50 years.

Historic Looking Metal Door & Hardware Restoration


Sinnola Hotel – Detroit, MI.  Historic looking door restoration.

Sinnola Hotel - Detroit, MI

When the team of architects and owners we’re left searching for a door that would match or emulate the original tin clad door from over 100 years ago, they came to CASS Sheet Metal for advice and assistance. We ended up cladding the door in bonderized 26 ga. galvanized sheet metal and black iron bar stock.  Heated and rolled as if a blacksmith did it  back in the day using original metal smith techniques.

CASS Custom Architectural Sheetmetal Specialists - Detroit, MI